Sacred Sound Journey
Friday 20th March

All things going well with me, and those booked in on Friday night, Julie and I have decided to go ahead, with all the pre-cautions in tact. This is a small group and we will have distance between us. There are a couple of spots left if you wish to attend.

I will be diffusing Young Living Essential oils of Thieves & Purification. As well I will be handing out a couple of tissues, and pad with the Thieves on it, so you can inhale throughout the session. This will boost your immunity. It is a well known scientific fact that stress and fear lower the immune system and makes you more susceptible to sickness. So lets attempt to keep a positive and healthy mindset while this is all whirling around us.

I have been paying close attention to health recommendations regarding COVID-19. While we choose to focus on health, well-being and supporting our immune systems, we are also taking seriously the health and well-being of our community in relation to the spread of this virus.

We ask to:

  • Remain at home if they are unwell;
  • Remind you to use hand sanitiser as you arrive at the session (we have provided additional sanitiser ahead of this week’s session);
  • Encourage you to bring your own yoga mats;
  • Employ good social distancing practices by offering a ‘Namaste’ instead of a hug;

Supporting the building of strong immune system’s by encouraging stress release practices etc.

We hope that these measures will give everyone confidence to continue well-being practices, as now more than ever they will reap the benefits of yoga & sound in caring for their mind and body.

Maintaining calm breath and boosting the immune system through well-being practices is so important at this time. Whether you choose to stay home and look after yourself or come to class, we would love to remind you all how much stress reduces our ability to be well.

Sending healing to all those in need ?

Namaste, Trish xxx
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