Classes & Treatments during this time of great change …

During this time of great change it gives us the opportunity to slow down, rest and reflect. A time to catch up on things we have been needing or wanting to do. It gives us the opportunity to think about and take action individually on what and how we can make changes to adjust to situations with an open heart and positive mindset.

The Joyful Path classes and treatments benefits your health and well-being. We would love you to continue your practice with us, book in for a nurturing treatment or raising vibration energy session.

We do trust that you will attend only if you are well and if you do have your own mat please bring it. As we know wiping surfaces is a key factor and will be diligent about this and ask for your help. At the Joyful Path we love hugs but with social distancing for now required a Namaste greeting is perfect.

We want The Joyful Path to be a place where you can bring in more light and as a group hold light.

In love and light
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