Julie Sexton

Yoga Instructor, Massage Therapist, Healer, Lightworker, Guide, Reflexologist, Meditator, and owner of "The Joyful Path".

A Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin trained Yoga teacher, Julie's strengths lie in her being in the moment and intuitive in guiding others into a space of feeling and sensing into the body, of being more aware of the breath, and moving and flowing with it. Julie trained as a Reflexologist in the late 80’s and continues to be as passionate about this modality today, and the healing benefits regular treatments promote. Julie is also a certified Relaxation and Indian Head Massage Therapist, and being a lightworker, Julie’s energy is felt and channeled in all her treatments. Her massage techniques release tension and tightness and are wonderfully relaxing. Julie’s great love, and true gift, is channeling high frequency light, changing vibrations and shifting consciousness to a higher state. She connects with Beings of Light and transmits this energy to those who ask and are willing to receive. It is very gentle, loving and powerful. Annually, Julie runs international retreats, and it is her connection and love of Cambodia that has led her to run retreats there on many occasions.  It is in Victor Harbor, a destination for people from all over to come and experience health and wellbeing, where Julie thrives. Julie gets to share everything she loves, a stunning seaside town, beautiful beaches, yoga, meditation, healthy food, massage, healings, peace, harmony and light.

Barry Beach

Yoga Instructor with a focus on alignment, Martial Arts Champion, a totally organic kind soul.

Barry feels that authentic Yoga is much more than just a physical workout. It is a powerful, ancient & sophisticated system which will open up, align & strengthen your body, develop agility, restore energy and vitality, relax and release tension, and deepen your inner awareness. It is by coming to know our body through the shapes of Yoga - the physical postures [asanas] that we start the journey called Yoga.

No matter what condition you are currently in, how stiff, how young, how old, or what body shape you may have, Yoga will improve your fitness, your physique, and your state of mind.

Joanne Richards

Bsc (Hons) Environmental Scientist, Yoga Teacher, Sound Therapist (VMC), Reiki Master,  Massage Therapist, Author, Business Owner.

Jo was born in 1971 in the UK where her yoga journey began when she was 18.  She lived in Ashrams and Buddhist Monasteries undertaking many years of tantric empowerments and vipassana’s in America, India, Nepal, Iceland & Europe.  She is a lifelong student in the practise of Highest Yoga Tantra.

She found Asana in 2012 when she emigrated to Australia & trained in Hatha, Vinyasa, Bhakti & Kundalini.  Her classes are a fusion of these modalities.

She facilitates up to 500 people Corporate Sound/rhythm events and holds quarterly seasonal sound baths & rituals in line with the Lunar Calendar and her Celtic roots, inspiring people to have a deeper connection with nature.  

You can learn more at www.dreadlocksdrums.com. 

Raven Grace

The Nourishing Nomad, Acro Yogi, Break Dancer, Shiatsu Practitioner and Feldenkrais Enthusiast

Raven started Yoga Practice back in 2002in small country town Cannonvale QLD learning from his first Break dancing teacher Adam who was a Yoga and Qi gong teacher and massage therapist.

His first teacher Adam was so cool that he influenced his life forever, after finishing high school he set off to Melbourne studying full time dance for four years later enrolled into a Shiatsu School.

Finding Acro Yoga was awesome as it combined the Athletic elements of Dance and the massage components of Shiatsu the best part was that you can do Acro Yoga with Anyone at any level.

Fresh after finishing an East Coast Acro tour in Australia.

$50 and a one way ticket to Perth turned into a 18 country Dance & Acro Yoga Tour.

Growing up with so many physical limitations (Spinal, Knee and Hip Pain)
to then touring the world as a movement professional.

Raven knows what it’s like to have limitations and how to turn them into strengths believing anyone can learn to find their path with a safe and inspiring practice.