The Joyful Path
Yoga and Self Care

Julie Sexton, Owner / Operator 

Julie is passionate about following her heart and creating a welcoming caring space to enable others to do the same.

After 9 years as co-owner of The Joyful Buddhas Julie felt the need for change and growth, personally and for the business. Changing the name to The Joyful Path was the first step. The name felt so right as it aligned with the logo and the mission.

Julie felt new energy was then set in motion, unknown of a plan, but as always trusting and going with the flow. After leasing for 9 years, what presented itself was to sell her home and purchase the commercial building right next door!

Julie is now the current owner of the space that she is lovingly committed to, bringing with it a new open and light vibration to the heart of Victor Harbor. Julie has always felt Victor Harbor was an amazing destination for all things health and wellbeing and continues to do her part to add to that experience for locals and visitors.

Julie has felt her soul purpose is raising consciousness and vibration. She understands that connecting with the power of the energy of universal light and love, makes a difference. Not just in an individual’s life, or those close, but globally and universally.

Julie believes the most powerful thing we can all do is “the inner work”. This allows the heart and mind to be in harmony coming from the vibration of love, and for action to flow easily and joyfully.

Julie feels that yoga, meditation and the bodywork services of the Joyful Path, all  assist in releasing the stress of everyday life and remove any feeling of being stuck and blocked. This can give an opportunity to feel and connect with the heart, to tap into the innate wisdom, intelligence and light of the soul.  While teaching, guiding, and sharing skills and energy … Julie is doing what she loves most  while being authentic to her true self.

We can all add more light to the world. Love is the answer!