ABOUT US @ The Joyful Path

The Joyful Path is a place of heart and soul, a place of peace and connection, a place to let go, to open and to receive. It is where self care and self love is nurtured. A place that honours the divine light and love within all.

The Joyful Path offers treatments and yoga classes that encourage healing, growth and evolution.

An opportunity to let go of the outside world and its influences... and be with yourself, with your body, your breath, your heart, your mind and your spirit. To be in the moment.

Being truly present is a magical experience, which can be attained through the practice of yoga, meditation and bodywork. 

Life has become so stressful for many, so at The Joyful Path it is our intention to release your stress and take you on a journey to a feeling of peace and relaxation. Our aim is to assist your body in returning to a state of health through energy healing, yoga, massage, and the other modalities we have on offer. 

The Joyful Path offers you the tools and services to allow you to follow a path of more joy with ease. 

A place to relax. A place to rejuvenate. A place to heal. A place to connect. A place to breathe. A place to stretch. A place to be stretched. A place to laugh. A place to love. Surrender your body, mind & spirit to one of our loving therapists. All offerings performed with loving kindness.