Inverted Thinking Handstand Workshop @Joyful 7th March

So excited for this event with Dan Aubin.

Bookings essential and open today from 4pm.

Only 10 places available .. get in early so you don’t miss out!

Daring Humans Inverted Thinking Handstand Workshop

A handstand workshop for anyone that explores concepts of trust, courage and support. With a non-judgemental, learner’s mind, possibilities are endless. We can go much further than we think with ease. Dan Aubin has been performing, exploring and teaching acrobatics, gymnastics and handstands for over 20 years. He is interested in sharing with people the different ways that ideas and concepts can be experienced physically. He also loves coaching.

In this workshop we will breath, stretch, strengthen, learn technique, balance, play and try and push a little. Who knows what we will find, but it will be fun.

Date: 7th March
Time:  1-3pm
Cost: $50 / person.


  • a water bottle

  • a towel if you like

  • an unapologetic, adventurous spirit

To book or for more information visit:

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