20th Feb Cultivating Gratitude through Yoga & Mindful Art

Cultivating Gratitude through Yoga and Mindful Art

Move, Reflect, Reset and Create

The past year has been a revolutionary year for all of us where our beliefs and our “normality” has been challenged. We collectively have experienced uncertainty, loss and grief in one way or another. However what is truly important and what we truly value has also surfaced, allowing us to be more present and to live in the moment.

The practice of gratitude has the power to sustain us through the most difficult times and fill us with such a light we cannot help but feel joy. There is something worthwhile in looking for the light in life’s obstacles and challenges and there is plenty of research to support that practicing gratitude leads to more fulfilling lives.

Join wellness coach and yoga teacher Ana Flavia on a transformative journey to cultivate gratitude through yoga and mindful art.

This multi sensory 3 hour journey is designed as a mindful pause for you to come and tune into your body, mind and soul, acknowledge the current phases of your life, creative expression and cultivate gratitude while sharing the process with others in a safe and relaxed atmosphere.

We will start with a grounding guided meditation followed by intuitive yoga movement and Himalayan breathwork to tune in with our body, regulate the nervous system and centre our energies. From a space of deep inner connection there will be some time to journal and reflect on the current phases of your life.

Finally we will engage in the creation of an artistic piece which will bring all the experience together into a visual reminder.

There will be space for sharing with others and being a witness.

Who is this for?

  • Anyone wanting to connect with themselves on a deeper level and support their overall well-being
  • Anyone wanting to explore their creativity
  • Anyone wanting to cultivate gratitude
  • Beginners and experienced art-makers (no skills required)
  • Yoga practitioners

Cost:  $75
Time: 3pm – 6pm
Date:  Saturday 20th February, 2021

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