16 week ‘LIVING WITH JOY’ Meditation Course starts 14th May

The 16 week meditation
‘LIVING WITH JOY’ Meditation Course starts again tomorrow night at 6.45pm -7.30pm.
Only $50 for all 16 meditations or $5 per session. Committing to all 16 weeks offers you a powerful opportunity for transformation.
If it is not possible to attend every week you will need to attend at least 4 of the first 8 to attend the next 8 meditations.
This is a course and there are reasons for the order as energy and vibrations are transmitted. The Living with Joy book will be available for purchase and highly recommended as each chapter connects with the meditations.
You can message me (Julie) for more information or call 85528229.
You are welcome to arrive tomorrow without pre booking. Doors will close at 6.50pm.
Hope you can join me on this journey of personal and spiritual growth.
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