A Crystal Sound Journey with Rachel Sunday 21st June

What to Bring: Yoga Mat, Pillow, Blanket (optional), personal totem or crystal to meditate with (optional), water

Rachel Laing will gently guide you into a regenerative crystal sound journey using chimes, bells, alchemy crystal singing bowls and her voice.

Reach a state of deep relaxation as Rachel weaves a cleansing soundscape that initiates a meditative experience allowing for subconscious healing to occur for you on an emotional, psychological and physical level.

The powerful healing properties of A Grade crystals Rose Quartz, Morganite, Platinum and Solid Gold contained within the bowls are inescapable.

Each crystal singing bowl is in 432hz scale tuning and has been carefully selected to allow for a melodic, harmonic, relaxing yet transcendent sonic experience.

For more information about Rachel’s Sound Healings please visit

Rachel’s Facebook Page

Rachel is from Sydney so this is a unique and exclusive opportunity to experience her magic in person.

To reserve your place please contact Julie at The Joyful Path on 08 8552 8229 or via email at info@thejoyfulpath.com.au

Due to social distancing laws, this is a very limited capacity event, bookings are essential

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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