Embrace this time of reflection, we will re-open when the time is right

The Joyful Path Closed Until Further Notice

I taught our last yoga class in the studio for a while today and it did feel like the end of an era and the beginning of a new.

I hope we can all move forward accepting and embracing this change and new ways of doing and being with a positive mindset and open heart but not denying true feelings knowing it could also be revealing and healing something that has been lying deeper within.

Take time to go within and meditate daily even for 10mins.

‘The time has come for us all to join together as one, all races all religions and share in the peace of meditation. Through meditation I will give you the gifts to heal and have insight into the laws of the universe and it’s mysteries.
Go now and help heal the world.

This message I channeled in 2007 as seems more pertinent than ever.

Take care dear friends of The Joyful Path
Loads of love and light to all

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