Julie Sexton doTERRA Wellness Advocate

It took me a few years to embrace the idea of building a team, and now I look forward to dedicating several hours per week to my growing business. Most importantly, I feel I am recreating my relationship to money and efficiency ... resulting in the financial freedom that allows me to be more charitable for the causes close to my heart.

To enjoy the benefits of doTERRA Oils in your wellness office or home, please contact me. Likewise, if you would like to consider a business as part of our growing team.

As part of my home and family, doTERRA Essential Oils has provided me a safe, natural alternative to chemical and pharmaceutical products.

Please click this link to purchase your doTERRA Oils as a Wholesale Customer, receiving wholesale pricing and the option to build a business in the future if you wish and become a Wellness Advocate.

Julie Sexton +61 88552 8229 info@thejoyfulpath.com.au